长沙长泰智能装备有限公司成立于 1999 年,是国家高新技术企业和“火炬计划”重点企业,致力于 为各行业客户提供智能工厂整体解决方案。公司是我国第一个替代引进制浆造纸输送包装系统解决方案的供应商,也是我国制浆造纸完成工段产品线最齐全的企业,先后开发的一系列专利及新产品填补了国内空白,质量达到国际同类产品先进水平。

长泰公司主营业务为智能制造软件的开发与数字化工厂的装备系统集成,主要产品为智能装备系统、智能物流系统、机器人及人工智能应用系统,产品广泛应用于制浆造纸、纸品加工、 食品饮料、化纤印染、烟草医药、轨道交通等行业。智能装备系统产品占有国内制浆造纸行业完成工段产品 80% 以上的市场份额,智能物流产品在制浆造纸、纸品加工行业处于龙头地位。


AS/RS & material handling system   AS/RS & material handling system is equipped with barcode generation and application unit, conveyors, robot palletizer, automatic identification unit, picking unit, AGV(RGV), shuttle, stacker crane, composite rack, warehouse control system(WCS), monitoring system and warehouse management system(WMS) according to customer's requirement and material information.
Robotic palletizer   Robotic palletizer replaces manpower to complete palletizing works, and to release labor force from heavy works, meanwhile, it works efficiently on the premise of safety. Designed palletizing speed reaches 1800 boxes/hour. Carton boxes edge after palletized by robot is much neat than by manual, and less damage to carton boxes during transportation.
Robotic label applicator   Robotic label applicator is applicable for quality certificate in A3 or A4 sheet to label on surface. It adopts with six-joint manipulator, and is equipped with vacuum pump to suck and move quality certificate from output tray of printer to spray position, and put the label after sprayed on some position of the surface. Aqueous adhesive shall be applied to the back of quality certificate.
Robotic outer head placing applicator   Both robotic outer head placing applicators catch each one outer head at one time, and place both heads on the hot press smoothly and quickly, hot press completes press action. It greatly improves production capacity and saves manpower cost, and runs safely and reliably, avoiding potential danger during placing heads by manual.
Robotic inner heads placing applicator   Robotic inner heads placing applicator works efficiently and is applicable with inner heads in different diameters, it greatly improves production capacity and saves manpower cost. Robotic inner heads placing applicator adopts with six-joint manipulator, and is equipped with vacuum pump, clamp device is equipped with solenoid valve units, and clamp inner heads as per production situation.