中国海诚工程科技股份有限公司由成立于 1953 年的轻工业部上海设计院联合轻工业部其他 7 家骨干设计院,经整体改制于 2002 年 12 月成立。2007 年 2 月公司在深交所上市(股票代码 S.Z.002116),是我国第一家专业工程设计服务业上市公司,也是我国轻工行业提供工程设计咨询和总承包服务的大型综合性工程公司之一。公司总部设在上海,在北京、广州、武汉、长沙、成都、西安、南宁等地,拥有 11 家全资子公司。

中国海诚依托近 70 年在轻工行业的积累和持续创新,已形成包括工程咨询、工程设计、工程管理、工程监理及工程总承包(含设计、采购、施工、安装、调试等)在内的完整的工程项目建设业务链,为众多世界 500 强企业提供了高品质的工程建设全过程服务,承接并完成了一大批具有国际知名度和行业影响力的国内外工程项目。

JiangSu Oji KP Project   This project is one of those settled in China with the highest investment from Japan, and it is also the largest pulping and paper making project in China. The project adopts the world-leading light chlorine-free (LCF) bleaching technique to its production process. All the industrial wastewater will be disposed of through fully-sealed pure oxygen aeration to realize fully odorless production.
ShangHai Disneyland Project   This project will be the world's sixth Disneyland park, which is also the world's second largest. The design contract amount of this project is about RMB 120 million. China Haisum has undertaken the design of the Treasure Bay and logistics area in Shanghai Disneyland, accounting for over 40% of the entire park.
Nongfu Spring Series Project   The series projects have realized an accumulated contract amount of around RMB 1.63 billion, with a total building area of 120,000m2. It is the largest high-quality mineral water project in China, with plants established in Mount Emei (Sichuan), Mount Changbai (Fusong), Mount Taibai (Shaanxi), Xin'anjiang (Jiande), etc. After 2008, Haisum undertook the construction of all new plant projects of Nongfu Spring.
IKEA Series Project   Since IKEA entered the Chinese market, China Haisum has undertaken many of its store design projects such as in Shanghai, Wuxi, Shenyang and Qingdao.
Hubei Xinye tobacco sheet Co., Ltd EPC project   This is the first technological transformation project of industrial enterprise for which the tobacco industry ever adopted the engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) construction mode. This project has a total investment of RMB 392.7 million and a total building area of 18,369m2. A combined workshop of 10,000t/a reconstituted tobaccos is to be built, jointly with relevant supporting facilities related to sewage treatment.